UI on high-res monitors (Win 8.1)

I’ve got troubles running Cubase 8 on high res monitor with Win 8.1.
It makes user interface elements very small and unusable. Cubase 8 seems not following Windows scale settings.
Is it possible to fix it?

Important to me on my 4k but I’ve got tiny fonts all over Cubase 7.5.
Was hoping this would be addressed


I would like this address too.

On my 27" Dell 2560x1440 its good besides very small text on mixconsole (plugin names). That was not in 7.5. And huge bold text on tracks names in inspector. Maybe its a bug or settings from previous verssion missmash ?

I installed last night and saw that many of the font issues were addressed…

Interesting… Now I wanna test a few things out…lol