UI rendering slightly off-screen

My monitor is 27 inches, text size, applications and other items is 100% as recommended, 1024 x 768 screen resolution as recommended.
I’m surprised this hasn’t affected that many people, but there’s windows which are either too big or cut off. I’ll show multiple situations:

This first one is an exception. While there’s nothing wrong with it, the region where it says “Note: D2 [38] (…)” is kind of cut off. I’d imagine this can be troublesome when searching for more important information.

Can’t see the bottom part of the window.


Expression maps need to be manually resized first time in a project, then it’s fixed. Same happens to the first 8 items in library tab and also engraving options, layout options, notation options, note input options, playback options, instruments, instrument families, instrument score orders. One example to further my point:

Some items look intended to be fullscreen, but they leave a gap. It’s rather inconsistent on those which are large.

Library manager cut off on the right side.

Mixer appearing offset to the left and downwards.

There’s some weirdness on the UI in engrave mode. When you expand page templates, flow headings, and then expand page template sets, the bottom of the UI gets slightly hidden.

But a more aggravated is if one tries to edit a page template, on current set for example, “default”. The right side of the UI is out of screen. I need to resize my window manually every single time I’m testing with page templates, like this:

Also there seems to be a bug concerning the Live Stage Button. Clicking it shows the UI, but attempting to click on it again to hide makes it disappear and show again if you release the left click button within the button frame. Looks like there’s something wrong on onMouseEnter/onMouseRelease events.

This is probably one of the two struggles I have in Dorico.

So far as I know, we don’t publish a minimum screen resolution in our system requirements (which you can find here), but 1024 x 768 is definitely too small for Dorico these days. We don’t have any current plans to further rejig the project window or the dialogs to make them fit into that screen resolution by default.

I understand that if you have visual impairment, it may be necessary to use a lower screen resolution than somebody with normal vision, but for a 27" monitor I would suggest trying 1920 x 1280 resolution with display scaling set to 150%, if it’s an option for you. That should give you a more comfortable experience working with Dorico overall.

I don’t really have visual impairment, I just use this resolution since I’ve been used to it for a very long time. I’ve tried out 1920 x 1080 (I don’t have the 1920 x 1280 option) with display scaling set to 125%. It does look a lot better for me.
Thanks Daniel.