UI responsiveness is really bad


UI is really slow.
Marquee is occasionally kept frozen after releasing the mouse button.
Playback is started in a second after pressing the Play button.

Can’t use this thing! It’s just annoying…
Is this something with my machine??

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Can you tell me anything more about the specifications of your machine?

We are aware of a problem whereby making a marquee selection and then e.g. clicking the right mouse button while the marquee is still drawn can cause the marquee to get left behind: this is a cosmetic issue and switch to another layout and back again should take care of it. We will fix this problem in the first post-release update.

I have to agree, I’m rather underwhelmed at the lag of various things.

My machine is pretty beastly… 12 core 5800 series i7, 32GB RAM, installed to SSD.

Can you be a little more specific, TylerE? What are you finding especially slow?

Frankly, everything.

Even clicking in the score to insert notes seems to have a 250ms or so delay.

Using alt+U/D to move notes up and down, similar delay.

It’s like using some 1990’s Java GUI… it’s like doing anything has a small delay built in.

What OS are you guys working on?


10 Pro

How big is the project you’re working on at the moment, TylerE?

If you repitch a long sequence of selected notes, you will certainly see that there is a lot of room for improvement in the way that works (in order to ensure that all of the accidental states are calculated correctly, it moves each note in turn and you can see it working, which is disconcerting and not how we intend it to stay!), but generally speaking repitching a single note should be more or less instant.

There is also an issue that the panels in Write mode are doing a bit too much work in updating themselves after an edit or when the selection changes. We have already made some improvements to this specific issue in the last few days, and improving the performance of the application in general is a strong focus of our first update.

Quite small, 7 players, and about 5 measures.

I mean, maybe I’m being overly picky, but it in Sib these sort of basic ops are just instant.

Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300
Videocard NVIDIA GeForce GT 730
Audio interface Yamaha AG03 (using its own ASIO driver, tried with the lowest buffer size as well)

Overall Dorico feels too raw for release. Kinda disappointed, maybe I’m just too used to Notion though (tried other notation soft, but it seems to be the most polished to me, even with its own bugs).

I tried with a new file, just a dozen of notes or something. The same lag as TylerE described.

I note that on your computer 4GB is really the minimum recommended amount of RAM for you to be able to use Dorico and its playback features, and that could be contributing to the slower performance on your machine, but it would be good to know exactly what sorts of things you’re finding slow and in what scale of project.

My responsiveness is also really bad. Just switching modes takes a couple of seconds (from engrave to write and so…).
I work on OSX El Capitan, 2.66 GHz Intel core 2 Duo, 8GB ram.
Any tips on how to make things faster?
It is pretty disapointing if it will stay like this

I’m finding the same, big lag on midi note input and slow to show score changes and start playback. I have 16g of Ram and running a windows 10 system. This is on a single part project even.

There aren’t really any settings you can change in Dorico to adjust its performance at the moment. As I’ve said, we’re certainly aware of some operations being slower than we would like. In general switching mode between Write and Engrave should be more or less instant, unless you were in galley view in Write mode, in which case the score has to be repaginated for page view in Engrave mode, and depending on the speed of your computer and the complexity of the project, that can take a second or two.

I’m afraid a Core 2 Duo processor is not an ideal CPU for Dorico as it has only two cores and it’s a bit old, but we would hope to get acceptable performance on your computer. We have more work to do on performance.

Perhaps the same type of thing here, running on Windows 7, intel core i5 (admittedly an older one), 32gb ram… entering a sequence of many 16th notes, entering via midi keyboard I can play in 4 bars at a reasonable medium pace but it takes another 30-40 seconds for all the notes to appear. Just want to make sure this is typical right now, not something unique to me. I know that streamlining improvements take a lot of time, and this is just a minor inconvenience, so if it’s just how it is for now - I can live with it. :slight_smile:

30-40 seconds to input four bars sounds very slow, though it is certainly possible to get ahead of Dorico when inputting quickly.

I’m afraid I have to agree. The UI is really slow (the following was tested using a minimum project, only a couple of players and one bar):

  • Play takes about 1-2 seconds to start.
  • Alt+Up/down to move one single note, takes about 250ms, as TylerE said. BUT, If I select 8 notes and I move them up, it will take about 1 second (I can watch how it first moves two notes, then the next two, then the next…) The time grows in a linear way with the number of notes. Really annoying.
  • Changing from one mode (setup, write, engrave…) to another, takes also about 250ms
  • Changing articulations, adding or removing Marcato for instance, also takes about 250 ms.
  • In the contextual menu, in Write mode, it takes 2 (!) seconds to change from one option to the next. For instance, right-click, then point the mouse over “Stem”, and then move it to “Beaming”.

My machine: OSX 10.10, SSD disk, 16GbRAM, 2.3Ghz i7

Well, almost everything is slow. There is 0.5 sec delay after every click. The project is just half-dozen notes on a piano staff.

I too have a noticeable lag when moving notes up or down, in an example project of 1 instrument and one bar.

On this same machine Sibelius is much faster when moving notes up or down.

Windows 7 x64 SP1