UI themes

Here’s a super trivial feature request, but one that would be nice. There are only two UI themes. I find the light far too glary, and the dark far too black. I wonder if we could have say light grey and dark grey as well. Similar to Adobe Photoshop:


It’s an enormous amount of work maintaining the two themes that Dorico has at present, so although I agree this would be nice, it’s not something we’re likely to add soon.

A classic example of something that would appear simple but is not!


How difficult would it be to lower the contrast on your monitor for Dorico work and restore it for other uses? Admittedly this is a kludge, but if one spends a lot of time in Dorico…

@Derrek now there’s an idea I never thought of. I’ll give it a go. Thanks!

Unfortunately, my eyesight is deteriorating considerably the last few years. I must say I find the contrast, especially between greyed-out text and the background colour, too low, both in the light and dark themes. I wouldn’t like lowering contrast in the UI even more.

I’m pretty sure that Anthony works to ensure that the contrast in both the light and dark themes meets the W3C accessibility standards at its highest grade, but perhaps there is even more we could do to increase the contrast.

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