UI Tricks: Do you have any uncommon ones?

Im wondering what sort of UI improvements you have made that have really impacted your work low that you may want to share?

So I mean clever ways of using what is already in program but in innovative ways that have saved eg mouse clicks, smoothed stuff, improved the UX etc?

Would love to hear

Not sure how uncommon, but I have a few macros for vertical zooming that I use all the time.
The PLE is self explanatory.

I also have some more complex key commands that use a combination of AutoHotKey, Macros and PLEs for showing/hiding things and zooming vertically and horizontally. I trigger all these from a dedicated 5-key “macro keyboard” like this:

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Always about the little things…and this is a really good start to the thread :slightly_smiling_face:
Would help maybe if any submission show a gif of the outcomes?
Just nice esp for newbs to see the impact of experienced users (although its obvious…you know the old pic=1k words)

I’m on MacOS and by using bettermouse have created lots of shortcuts specific to Cubase and it works great.

Applying colours to automation lanes is handy too, I’m often automating instrument/synth parameters and so I always use the same colours for filters and wet/dry mix on effects. Not a lot of people realise you can do that.

Plus you can also apply those colours via pre-defined PLE’s, Example here:

I then have a ‘repaint’ hotkey (Cmd+R) that triggers a macro which runs all those PLE’s to colour everything at a press of a button.

I find larger projects are so much easier to navigate with fixed colour coding.


Here’s another macro I like and use a lot. It zooms in horizontally to the locator range and vertically on tracks that have events in that range.

Another Macro I use regularly in conjunction with previously mentioned.

These are simple enough that you can try them out yourself if you’re curious. :wink:

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Yeah I didnt realise that…I dont use much midi these day but great to know.

This triggered a much better way for me to do large client projects

  1. Go into media bay
  2. Name all the tracks properly to a naming convention that makes sense to you

eg This file list is from an old produce like a pro tutorial. The naming is prob pretty average
Clean it up and it benefits everything down the line (or supply a naming chart to your clients eg When getting tracks mastered, they will often specify a naming convention (well Bernie Grundman, Brian Gardner etc do)

I run a rigid folder structure so Im thinking
Make the colorize like Dom
Drag all the tracks to unused area
Run a macro that runs all the groups of colour
Run another macro that uses the naming convention to move into the folders
Load the specific track preset for each one

Complete template setup with a couple of clicks…so good.

All these tips def expand the UX horizon for many.

I use Touch Portal in a tablet and have 80 buttons/shortcuts for common ops. The most interesting thing is that one can program more complex macros than the ones available in Cubase i.e. perform a click in certain screen coordinates combined with a PLE or Cubase macro, shoot different actions one after the other (with a pause in between them)…a life changer…

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I use function mapping as framework for dev using Bome and Autohotkey and using a Tartarus keypad

The general abstract (for anything really) is

  3. FOCUS

And thats all based on a proper and consistent ‘Set up’ phase like the colourize etc by Dom above as well as logically grouping it all and folders are the best friend for that

Dont want to flood with info so Ill just show 1 example (from template)…sorry about the novel.

For most projects, I use an 8x8 matrix (do the same in live) using folders (but of course it moulds to the project).
eg *8 folders each with 8 tracks, utility buss (for parallel comp or keying) and a subroup for top down tweaking.
The reason why is that unless its a soundtrack…less is more and just having way too many tracks is very common for more new artists as they rely on it due to insecurity ie each thing you add, halves the previous elements and they want each song to have every bell and whistle rather than crafting each one individually ie art vs product

A lot of bits and pieces can easily be stemmed out too if its that fiddly


Navigation happens pretty much with 1 finger (posted elsewhere) …click to play
Scoll Folders 2

Once I do all the track loads into the folders I set up the cycle markers etc

Then just to a basic level set and begin the relationship starting drums/vocals which is part of the RELATIONSHIP phase. I use an automated switching of visibilty and a 'temp preset to focus needed relationships

This pushes everything out of the way and stops me having to move around at all

is more about the logical groups esp for trouble shooting etc

hth in some way or triggers something to share

Do you have any screenshots?

Do you know if there are any plans for touch portal to run natively on the desktop?

Even though I love Touch Portal’s ability to have up to 121 buttons on one page, and have made some nifty pages myself, I find it hard to incorporate my tablet permanently into my setup. I just whip it out in the final stages of a project, and mainly deal with visibility configurations especially for the mixconsole.

Now I’m thinking that if Touch Portal could run in a small-ish floating window on the side, it would be so great for me.

I realise you are probably attached to it…I was (touch control) but have since been developing much simpler systems. For eg vis config, I double click a certain key, then it waits for me to press a number and then chooses the numbered vis config…so I have found it much simpler to group stuff and keep to keys…
But I do get that native support would be helpful in your case…I def dont know…but just thought Id feed back where I ended up with a lot of that

I can’t say I’m overly reliant on it, just that the Touch Portal version of my “visibility” page is quite… luxurious.

If it comes to just visibility configs, I can easily use Ctrl Alt 1-8, or U followed by Ctrl Alt 1-8 (since I’ve changed U to "bring project to front).

But, the rest of the page is toggles for all rack types, track filters, you name it. It’s veeeery convenient, but as I said, it’s definitely overkill for simpler projects.

Yeah cool…well post a screen shot if you want…so other peeps get it.
A lot of the ctrl+ shift+ F keys are already taken…by using the quick tap or double tap, you dont have to hold any other keys down, it holds the system while it waits for your actual number…in case that wasnt clear.
The idea is that you dont have to use qualifiers.


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I really don´t find the point in using it in the desktop, I don´t want to loose part of the screen and don´t want to use the mouse to activate the shortcuts, a 10¨ tablet it´s much more useful and inexpensive as it can be an old one with Android 6. I have it placed to the left of my keyboard and does not bother at all.

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Ugly, but works.

  • On the very left, Show All Channels, Undo Visibility, Show Connected, Hide Selected, Show only Selected, Add Visibility, Update Visibility, and a wild (Import Track from Project)

  • The 8 orange buttons are visibilities 1-8, with Focus Project and Focus Mixconsole on top of them (because I like to create different visibility configurations for the project and the mixer)

  • Next up, some macros. Time folder, Labels On/Off, To Folder, To folder + Add Group, Add Fx to selected, Add selected to Group, Show Automation for selected, Hide Automation for selected, Toggle Folder/Automation, Fold/Expand Folder

  • Green team 1. Two columns of 4 buttons are toggle Track Filters: Inputs, Audio Tracks, Instruments, Groups, MIDI, Returns, VCA, Outputs

  • 3 yellow buttons as separator: Next Plugin, Close All Plugins, Show/Hide All Plugins

  • Green team 2. Two columns of 4+2 buttons are: Channel Overview, Meter Bridge, Equalizer Curve, Channel Racks, Pictures, Notepad

  • 3 black buttons as separator: Project Overview, Info Line, Transport Bar

  • Green team 3. Three columns of 4+4+2 are: Routing, Pre, Inserts, EQ, Strip, Sends, Cues, Direct, QC, Panel

  • A mini transport in the bottom: Add Marker, Previous Marker, Start/Stop, Next Marker

  • And bottom right, arrow keys and a multi-button, Navigate/Zoom/Add to, and of course Q-Link.

(It’s very outdated since I’ve got the X-Touch Compact, I probably don’t need navigation anymore, nor the transport, and the racks section needs a repass. But it’s really awesome to have all these buttons available at any time and to be able to adjust the mixconsole’s layout extremely fast.)

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Not just about the device etc but seeing the wider picture of others successes/mistakes often informs our application :slight_smile:

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