UI24R and higher channels on usb (>24)

I have a question for the connoisseurs here. I have a UI24R and use it as a DAW interface for our demo recordings. On the pc i use waveform (sorry no cubase :frowning: ). That works fine. But i would like to use my iPad. We use 18 channels for the recordings. As far as i understand cubasis can record up to 24 channels. Is it possible to freely assign the hardware channels to the tracks?
Unfortunately, the input channels in the UI starting at channel 11. The first 10 channels are master and aux.
Is Cubasis so flexible that I can assign any 18 channels (distributed over 32 interface channels) to the tracks?
(At the moment I’m using auria, but in the input matrix auria can only assign the first 24 channels from the usb interface, so i’m missing 4 channels of my inputs.)

Hi @Wilfried_Klaas,

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Depending on the capacities of the audio device in use, Cubasis supports up to 24 ins/outs.

Please have a look at the audio recording chapter of our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial, to learn more about how audio routing works in the app:

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No, not really. I know that cubasis can record up to 24 channels, as Auria, too, but the question is, when I use an 32 channel input interface, can I use the channels >24 as input channels. In sum not more than 24, but some channels are beyond 24…

Hi @Wilfried_Klaas,

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Since we are not equipped with the Soundcraft device ourselves to give it a check, I see two options:

  • We can add you to the beta list to give it a try yourself
  • We can hand over a Cubasis promo code to the Soundcraft team for testing purposes

For more details, please have a look at my private message to you.

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Following this thread - I just ran into this same issue, ui24r connected to iPad Pro 2021, 32ch available in Reaper on my laptop, but only 24 on Cubasis and Auria….