ui24r driver

trying to use the soundcraft ui24r with cubase artist 9.5, i am having trouble getting any sound, i can see the driver in setup but am getting a strange spiking on the levels, this is very likely an operator error as i am quite new to recording. i believe all the audio connection are set up correctly as i can get sound when using comp drivers but not when using ui24r drivers. Any help for a newb would be greatly appreciated, i wasn’t able to find anything on this subject in the forums.

If you’re new to recording, you’re going to have a bit of a learning cure. Here’s a video on doing a first recording in Cubase. Greg Ondo is using an older version of Cubase. Most everything is the same, but there is one BIG difference that may confuse you. In the older version, Greg is using the ‘Devices’ menu to set up the hardware. In version you have, that menu name has changed. It is now named ‘Studio.’


The Soundcraft unit has its own idiosyncrasies, so using it in Cubase requires some specific knowledge about it. Here’s a video that may help, but all the DAW examples are in Reaper, NOT Cubase. So you’ll have to apply your own translation of the concepts back to Cubase.


You may need watch BOTH of these videos more than once to get going.

Good luck!

thanks for info will check them out :slight_smile: