UK Re-Imagined

For all you prog rockers out there below is a link to a musical travelogue of the band UK spawned by a recent concert I attended in San Francisco celebrating their thirty-odd year reunion. The show was great and the guys played brilliantly. I call this piece The Falkland Suite.

I have taken many liberties with rearranging the material drawn from both records with lots of fun little bits including obtuse lyrical re-imaginings referring mainly to the overdrinking/partying that went along with the weekend.

For those familiar with UK, below is a re-titling which probably tells you everything you need to know.

The Falklands Suite

• Wasilla
• Voulez Vous Rendevous with Moo?
• Presto Viv Savageé
• My Dog is in Heat Tonight
• Bambi and Booze (With introduction from Katherine Ashton’s favorite shower sing-along song and cadenza from another respected Bay Area band)

Here’s the link… Have fun