Uke chord diagram wrong?

In the screenshot here, C should be shown as the first position. But Dorico is showing second position.

I’m using standard uke tuning. Why is it showing the wrong chord diagram?

Not positive on this, as I only began learning ukulele a few months ago, but…I believe this may be because you have the open C note sounding in the lower register, along with the open G right next to it, which in the key of C is the fifth…but it is sounding in a lower register. The thinnest string is shown on the diagram as “C5”, which I believe is the fifth occurrence of the C as one goes up in pitch, corresponding to the 5th occurrence of the C on the piano keyboard. Which puts it one octave above the open C that I mentioned above (its vibrational frequency has a waveform half the length of the C4 note, or it is moving twice as fast…). This is called an “inversion” because, sort of like a mathematical fraction, even though the open G sounds lower than the C4, the chord as a whole is a C major because of the presence of the root note C (also called the “tonic”) and the presence of the G (the fifth note in the C major scale)… this is called a “diad” because two of the mandatory notes from the major scale are used to make a true C major chord…if it included an E note (third note in the C major scale), the resulting “triad” of notes satisfies the defenition of a C major chord (must have the I, III, and V notes…any duplication of these either higher or lower adds to the fullness of the chord).
Why not play it in a higher position?
Well, it depends on what comes before and after it!
Inversions can save you moving extra DISTANCE to play that chord…you can substitute a chord’s inversion to stay in the same area of the neck to avoid jumping up the neck to play a chord, then jumping back to where you were if the next chord is right next door to where you were!
Cheating? Not really. And most people will not hear the difference.
Try rearranging some notes and see what happens.
Play a D major chord, picking the notes individually in whatever order you like.
Then play a B minor chord, rearranging the order of the notes however you like.
Same goes for G major and E minor… and F# minor and A major…
Let me know if this helps.

Please look closely at the diagram… above it, in gray, are the pitches of the open strings, including the octave… the notes in black are the fretted strings (if any), or the notes making up the chord. Notice the A4 in gray? It becomes the C5 in black… the a is three semitones higher when fretted on the 3rd fret (…A#…B…C…). This is why it is in the first position. All four notes are made up of the I, III, and V notes once you raise the pitch of the open A to a C by fretting the string on the third fret. It is an octave higher duplication of the C, E, and G notes played on the heavier strings.

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I can’t answer the question, but I suspect you’re missing the point. The C chord diagram on the page, to the right of the Edit Chord Diagram dialog, should match what’s in the Edit Chord Diagram dialog. For some reason, it doesn’t.


Ok, now I see what you mean.
What if one were to uncheck the option to “move chord up the neck”?
The different fingering on the page yields G, E, G and C. Maybe it is doing this because the fingering is more efficient relative to the chord’s position to those around it? The dialog box is the C I usually play most often, but I do use the version shown on the page if I am working into a higher register (but use the first position version for more “punch” tonally as it incorporates more open strings and rings out a bit differently.
I believe unchecking the box might make a difference.
Just for shots & googles, what are the chords before and after it?

The chord diagram is with others at the top of the first page of the ukulele part; the body of the piece shows chord symbols., e.g., “C”; it’s only the diagrams at the top that indicate the fret positions. A person who plays campanella style would say that the C with one fret dot is a movable chord, as a finger on the first string 3rd fret, first string 7th fret, or first string 10th fret also has notes that are in a C chord.

The C chord diagram shown at the top of the first page of music is not the only one that is not correctly shown as a 1st inversion chord—the most popular for many ‘ukulele players—so something is amiss.

Il diagrammi sono tutti giusti compreso quello di Do Maggiore in prima posizione.
Buona Musica

The diagrams on the music page are showing "correct"notes, GEGC, as shown above—but the 1st position C chord that every new ukulele player learns is on frets 0003 — and that’s what is shown on the Edit Chord Diagrams dialog that begins this topic. And that basic chord is what I want to show. Pianoleo’s comment gave the right answer, though, alas, it didn’t provide a solution, which I need… Several other chords on the page of music were also incorrect as most players play them.

I suspect the flow heading chord diagrams have been set to a different tuning in layout options.

Ah! Yeah, that’d do it.

Sorry, where is that? All I’m seeing is

If the instrument (in setup) has been set to a different tuning you will need to reflect that tuning both in the instrument setup chord diagrams and in the layout options dialog (remember it is layout specific, so select the right one!)

See uke tuning.dorico (387.5 KB)
(which has some outrageous tunings, yet Dorico appears to behave properly for each)

That’s it! Yes, I had changed the tuning to custom, and I just needed to select it from the list. Thanks!

I learned much on the journey too!

Still no joy. I changed to Standard ukulele tuning both in Setup and layout options for the part with chords. The C chord diagram at the top of the music page still was 0433. I deleted all of the C chord symbols (above slash notes) on the part, and the incorrect C chord diagram disappeared from the top of the page, as expected. Then I went to Engrave>Chord Diagrams. There is the correct C chord diagram there, 0003, not movable. When I put it on the staff via the popup, another system was created, and the old, wrong diagram appeared at the top of the page. Same thing with 0003 movable. I also tried C_2, which is also 0003, and it was not put on the staff or at the top. I don’t know what to try next.

Can you post your project here, so we can check the settings?

Janus, how can I PM it to you?

Click on Janus’s avatar (the J in the circle) and use the resulting panel’s button to send him a Message.

Thanks, Derrek.