UltraHD monitor and tiny font size

I use a 3840 x 2160 resolution across a 39" screen

The font as such is TINY TINY

Will future updates of Cubase 8 come with a microscope?

Does anyone at Steinberg have an UHD monitor? Or aware they exist???

Does anyone beta these releases?

i am kinda surprised not more complaints are made of this.

i have reverted back to 7.5.3 because of this. i have even sent a support ticket to steinberg, no response to date.

i was actually thinking it was just a few who are experiencing this as others seem to think there fonts are tooo big. also if i adjust my font size in widows under personalization/display etc, c7.5.3 fonts adjust accordingly, but c8 pro fonts remains tiny - especially in the inspector section. very hard on the eyes.
at least give the option to adjust fonts to taste as in 7.5.3
i cannot use what i can’t see!!!

Good thing I know the layout by heart as I have had all version of Cubase going back to 1998 or so

… maybe no more if I find ProTools on sale

you know what - same here!!! because I know the lay out - I can figure out where to click! i might as well where very dark glasses.