Ultrawide monitor in Cubase 10 promo videos

Anyone know what the ultrawide monitor used in the Cubase 10 promo videos is?

Hi, anyone know? Cubase team?

I think there is a LG logo at the bottom. Search for LG Ultrawide Curved and google gives you some reults :slight_smile:

Btw. Working with ultrawide is awesome! I have an ultawide myselfe. Just buy a 1440p one and not 1080p if you’re interested.

We are getting a 49" wide in the studio next week, gona be fun to try.

It’s a 38" LG curved display. You have to get used to the curved thing, but Cubase looks amazing on it.

Link to LG product page

I have a straight LG ultrawide, very nice in the new Cubase indeed.

lifes good

I have a straight 32in 4K Samsung monitor. Cubase looks great on it. I hated the curve display so I sold it.

If there is a 43" curved 4k monitor, I’m gonna buy that. But unfortunately all monitors available now are straight and not curved. So I have to wait a bit :slight_smile:

I thought I’m the only one who can’t stand curved displays, probably because I move sideways all the time.
Hope manufacturers will continue to offer flat options in the future.

Beware of ‘too big or too wide’ screen(s). You’ll find that there’s a point beyond which you have to move/rotate your head and shoulders from side to side, to get use of the full desktop. It’s a big step, from just moving your eyes…and you keep losing track of where your mouse cursor is.

Nothing wrong with big screens, but there are some unexpected side effects.

We bought a Samsung 49" curved for the studio, getting it next week :smiley:

This has to be a TV isn’t it? Or is it a PC monitor?

Its a monitor.

aah this one looks nice :smiley: