Umlaut a

Does anyone know how to type ä in a Dorico title or subtitle? Dorico doesn’t accept the Windows key combinations I found by Googling.

My piece is “The Troublesome Elf (Der Lästige Elf).”

Thank you. --Konrad

Dorico 4.3.20

You can open Character Map and choose whatever you need.
I prefer selecting the international keyboard and ä is AltGr+Q

Viele Grüße!

copy and pasting the character in usually works, too.

Thanks. Copying from character map worked.

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Also if you have Windows PowerToys installed with QuickAccent enabled, you can select accented letters by simply holding down a key and using the L/R arrows to scroll along a row of options: includes some ligatures (as in ‘Chœur’) and Greek letters - seems to work with most apps.


Excellent. Thanks.