Umm what the heck is this doing in Steinberg Roaming Prefs Folder?

I cleaned out a while ago and started with a clean prefs folder to try and work out where the corruption is and why it starts with some drivers eg UR-C but wont start with eg RME

I was just searching for something else and was wondering what this folder is doing and its contents???
Anyone else have this? (C12/W10)

ie EBWebView

This a folder for Microsoft Edge WebView2. The shortcut means Embedded WebView and it contains Cookies and other browser stuff.

Well not sure why it would be in Cubase folder…when it contains what looks like hack files
What is this stuff doing in a work machine? I dont even use Edge and I normally have the web off for the DAW…its for work

You don’t need to use Edge explicitly, it is embedded in Cubase. Whenever a webpage needs to be shown it is done by embedded pieces of a web Browser.

This is standard in all kinds of applications, because no one is developing own Browser engines.

It just has dodgy stuff
Like this rubbish…I never gave any permission for this. I dont even like to swear…just lazy and yet this stuff is on my machine

that is a list of known stupid Passwords and used to warn users of they are going to usw such dumb stuff.

All current web browsers use different techniques to verify security, this one very simple sample.

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What happens if you remove it?

Nothing Special, it will simply be recreated.