un-Glue ing Events, How?

Does anyone know how to unglue an event on a track/lane that you previously glued together?

Undo is not an option as this may have been glued together many sessions again and many steps ago. I have some audio/Events that we glued on-top of each other (moved back in same lane) so simply splicing does not seem to be an option either. I had assumed there was a tool for this but I seem to be mistaken…Thanks to anyone with suggestions.

With the “Dissolve parts” command from some submenu (Probably the “Audio” one…)


Aloha r,
The ‘History’ feature might be an approach.
I have only used the ‘Dissolve’ feature with MIDI events.

HTH (hope this helps)

Just so you know, the Dissolve feature does work. There are two Dissolve menu items - one in the Audio menu and the other in the MIDI menu. Hope this clears this up for anyone else searching this.


That works yet it is not found in the Cubase manual when searching unglue. They need to add that word for the users to make the connection with the concept and command Dissolve Part.