un-Glue ing Events, How?

Does anyone know how to unglue an event on a track/lane that you previously glued together?

Undo is not an option as this may have been glued together many sessions again and many steps ago. I have some audio/Events that we glued on-top of each other (moved back in same lane) so simply splicing does not seem to be an option either. I had assumed there was a tool for this but I seem to be mistaken…Thanks to anyone with suggestions.

With the “Dissolve parts” command from some submenu (Probably the “Audio” one…)

Aloha r,
The ‘History’ feature might be an approach.
I have only used the ‘Dissolve’ feature with MIDI events.

HTH (hope this helps)

Just so you know, the Dissolve feature does work. There are two Dissolve menu items - one in the Audio menu and the other in the MIDI menu. Hope this clears this up for anyone else searching this.

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