Un-install Spectralayers 10 trial version?

I am on Mac OS 12. I installed the SpectraLayers 10 Trial a few months ago, using the Steinberg Activation Monitor, but my 30 days trial has expired. But I cannot seem to delete it from my computer. How do I do this? Also, do we only get one trial before needing to purchase? Or can we try it out again at a later date? Thanks!

You can uninstall SpectraLayers 10 like any other macOS app : just drag and drop it to the trash bin.
SpectraLayers 10 trial is active for 30 days. You can use it an unlimited number of times during those 30 days.

On Mac there can sometimes be residual or ”orphan” files left after an unistallation via the trash bin.
There are some (free) apps to take care of those, such as AppCleaner. And some pay for apps, such as AppZapper.

Correct, which its why I am asking, why does the Steinberg installer app not permit me to un-install? That would be cleaner.
Secondly, i have a new project that I’d like to try with SL10. But I used up my 30 day trial months ago. Since I cannot try it out, is anyone here willing to download a short snippet of my tracks to see if it works?

I have uploaded my short file, in case anyone is kind enough to try this out for me. This is a short stereo track of just flute and piano. The flute was much closer to the stereo mic than the piano; thus I would like to separate the track into a flute layer and piano layer, so I could bring up the piano. When my Trial was active, I did not have good success with extracting piano files, but maybe, because this is ONLY two instruments, it could work better. Thanks in advance!

Just did a quick test (could be improved with more rebalancing) :


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Thanks, Robin, for doing this! Based on what you have done, I have to say that in this case, SL10 does not do a very good job of isolating the piano part. There is distortion. Maybe that would be OK for a loud band, but not for classical music. I think I will stick to using EQ to bring down the flute level instead.

Can you share what you achieve with EQ? I doubt you can get anything more clean than this with just EQ, considering the spectrogram of your recording.

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Sure. Here is my sample with EQ - actually much more than EQ, I am using Ozone 11. The piano still doesn’t sound as loud as I’d like, but as least it sounds better.

. Also, the file I sent you (and this file) are mp3 files. So this may explain why the sound is so bad. This project was recorded at 16.44 in a church and actually sounds much better with the WAV files. I really wish that Steinberg would allow me to keep trying out the SL10 Trial. This would be far more efficient than me having to get help trying this out. If the Trial version was set to Non-Save, what harm would there be in us folks trying it out for a much longer time?

Ah but you didn’t do any separation in your EQ/Ozone example. It’s much easier to rebalance than to cleanly separate…

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Yes, re-balancing is what I am trying to do. Sorry if that was not clear. I may end up purchasing SL10 since I get a crossgrade discount. However, some of my projects (like this example) are not really of much interest to anyone (except sentimental value), so I don’t know —