Unable to activate Cubase LE 10?

Good Morning,

I purchased the Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX Mixer for my wife. It comes with a download of the full version of Cubase 10. I followed the instructions that came with the mixer to get the download. It did ask me for the Download access code and that went fine. It said the code was excepted and that I could continue to do the download. I then downloaded the full version of the Cubase 10. Once installed, it asked me for a License key. As the only thing on the instructions was the download code, I assumed that was what was needed.

I entered it and two things:
1> The code I was entering was not as long or formatted the same as the template I was entering into , so that made me concerned.
2> Once I entered the code, it returned an error that said something like “The License validator is older. Download current validator.”

I then downloaded the current updates and tried again with the same result??

Any suggestions? Should I have a different code somewhere in my paperwork? Is there a different place to go to download this validator?

Any help or direction would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi and welcome,

1st you said you download Full version of the Cubase 10. Please, make sure, you have downloaded Cubase LE 10, Full Installer (not “Full version”, which is Cubase Pro).

To the eLCC application, insert the Activation Code (which has been generated based on the Download Access Code).