Unable to activate cubase license after OS reinstallation

I have Cubase AI 8 licensed version software which I had got while I purchased my Yamaha MOXF-6 Keyboard.

I had installed & registered it on my Windows 7 Professional laptop which was working fine.

I had to reinstall the Windows 7 OS on my laptop due to virus problem. Post that when I reinstalled the Cubase software & tried to register the it, I am getting the “Activation code already registered”.

PFA the screenshot of same.

Now my license is not getting activated & I am unable to use the software.

I have a recording to be done which is pending due to this problem.

Request help from experts in this forum to resolve this problem.

Thank you very much in advance for your support!


Hello Satvik,

yes, a License Activation Code can only be used once to download a license into your eLicenser.

As you downloaded your license into your “Soft-eLicenser”, and your Soft-eLicenser was deleted upon Windows re-installation, your Soft-eLicenser and its contained license are lost.

You need to perform a “license reactivation”, which is described here in detail.

Basically, you will need to

  • create a new empty Soft-eLicenser on your new computer system by simply running your Cubase product installer, then
  • request a new License Activation Code via the “reactivation procedure”, and finally
  • enter the License Activation Code in the eLicenser Control Center program to download the replacement license into your computer system’s Soft-eLicenser.

The reactivation procedure requires a valid MySteinberg account.


Thank you very much for your fast reply.I will check these steps and give you the feed back…