Unable to activate license

I have recently upgraded my Cubase 10.5 to 13 on a new computer. First I loaded the e-Licenser, which loaded OK, but will not carry out the Maintenance routines. I put my code in the Download manager and after a few attempts it went through to the Activation Manager, which hangs for a while then start, but when I try to sign in drops out saying that it cannot connect to the internet. My internet is working perfectly.
I have turned off Windows 11 firewall, and set up new rules for the apps. Nothing works
I have now received an email saying I only have 7 days to activate the software. I tried the link on the email and no luck.


There must be some firewall or antivirus blocking the communication with the server on your side.

Hi Martin. I have set up communication rules to allow the programs to contact Steinberg, which didn’t work, so I have turned off the firewall, but they still won’t connect.
After Easter I will have to pay for someone to sort it.


Get in contact with your local Steinberg support, please.

I’m trying, but it’s Easter. I only have 7 days to activate. I will have to claim a refund.