Unable to activate my Cubase 13 MacOs

I recently updated my Cubase Elements from 9.5 to 13.
However, I keep getting e-mail notifications that my license is pending and not validated yet.
I tried to do all the steps described in the message, and then following the steps described at Steinberg website, but my e-licenser is not showing me anything.

I would post sceenshots here, but I am not sure if it’s okay, because they contain my codes.

Your eLicenser is not used anymore since Cubase 12. You need to start the Activation Manager and click the Activate Button.

well, the online guide from Steinberg asks me to use e licenser once again

this is what i get when i try to use Steinberg activation manager

I tried to follow these steps, but no luck

Can you still run Cubase 9.5?

Cubase 9.5 is on my old computer that is not with me right now, but, yes, I was able to use it, and it didn’t warn me about any unresolved activations like the new one does

This might be sending you in the wrong direction, but…
I THINK you need to have elicenser showing the Cubase 9.5 licence for it to make the transition.
Did you have the licenser on a USB pen?
If so is it plugged into your new computer?
If the Cubase 9.5 license is only on your old computer(soft e-lincenser) , you may have to boot it up to run e-licenser to make the move.
Please don’t take the above as the advice of an expert, hopefully someone will be along with the correct answer!
Good luck.

Ok, so the problem is obviously the missing eLicenser for the Initial activation. Because you have Cubase Elements I assume you have only a Soft eLicenser and no USB
Stick. In that case you need to activatenthr new License on the machine where the Soft eLicenser is stored.
This is needed to mark the old license as upgraded, after that is done you can activate up to three computer via the Activation manager. If younhave a USB Stick, just plug it in and then do the activation.

Thank you for your answers.
If that is what causes this problem, then easiest solution for me personally is to simply buy full version from scratch, because my old machine is in my home country, and i didn’t plan to go there before summer… And plane ticket to get there is more expensive than Cubase Elements.

If your license is stored in a Soft-eLicenser and not on a USB dongle, you can reactivate it without having access to the old computer. The license needs to be registered with your MySteinberg account, though: