Unable to add VST

In Play mode on a Mac with a large score the list of VST on the left fills the screen. If I want to add another the + button is at the bottom but the dialogue that opens to select which vst to add wont scroll. Not a complaint! Just flagging it up

Can you attach a screenshot to show what you mean? What I find is that if the new entry in the VST Rack panel is close to the bottom of the screen, the menu pops upwards rather than downwards, so that it doesn’t go off the bottom of the screen.

Hello Daniel, thank you, as always, for your quick reply. That’s why I was flagging it up as it used to happen in previous versions but since V4 the menu doesnt scroll up if it’s at the bottom of the screen.

When you say “scroll” do you mean where it appears, or that you cannot scroll through it when it appears? A picture may paint a thousand words in this case :slight_smile:

Sorry Daniel, not at my screen at the moment but it is as you describe. The menu pops out but I can only select the first 2 VST on the list but cant do anything to make the list that has appeared scroll. In my case I can choose Abbey Road and the next on the list BBC Symphony but cant make it scroll so I can select Kontakt.
I will send a screenshot ASAP.

Thanks Daniel.

Hi Daniel, I’ve included a comparison screenshot from further up the screen

That’s very weird: the menu always pops upwards for me when the button is that close to the bottom of the display. Do you have multiple displays? If so, do they have the same geometry, or is one of them smaller or larger than the one on which you have your Dorico window?

Good morning Daniel,

I do have multiple monitors, Dorico on the larger screen and the other set to go above (as my movie screen) It is a smaller screen.

Never thought to check the menu behaviour on my laptop as I don’t do the instruments from that, I’ll have a look today.

Thanks for you patience with this Daniel


Hi Daniel, as a follow up I moved my Dorico up to the smaller resolution monitor above and tried the menu. It opened down into the monitor below.

Right, so as I expected, this is all to do with the issues that exist in the Qt framework that Dorico relies upon for multiple displays with different geometry. We are hoping that the Qt development team will provide some improvements for these issues, so that we don’t have to spend our limited development time working on these kinds of issues, instead being able to focus on functional improvements to the software, but we cannot set their development priorities (and in any case we would need to move up to the most recent version of the framework, which is problematic at the moment due to some decisions they have already made concerning the support of particular critical APIs on Windows).

Thanks for replying Daniel, as I said in my very first post “I’m not complaining, just flagging it up”

Thanks for all you do,

Best wishes,