Unable to assign a Groove Agent mixer output to a ride cymbal

Hi, I hope this is just some simple error on my part but I’ve just wasted 2 and a half hours in Cubase 11 trying to find an output in GA for a ride cymbal. I was using the kit ‘Binding Blank Pages’. I activated a number of outputs from the VST instrument panel of GA se5 to control in the Cubase mixer. However, in the agent mixer section there are just output channels for kick, snare, hi-hat, toms - then two blank ones that no amount of clicking on yields anything - then finally room and overheads. The ride part was made by duplicating a hi-hat pattern in the main window of Cubase, then shifting up the midi hits in key edit to a ride sound. This ride sound only appears intermingled with the whole kit in the room and overheads section, thus leaving me no way to control it individually.

I notice in other kits the blank spaces have channels/outputs that are labelled ‘cymbals’ and ‘percussion’. But in Binding Blank Pages and some others those are blank.

Any help on this fiddly topic is hugely appreciated. It’s done my head in - and it used to be so simple 10 or so years ago!

To access the routing for each cell in GA you need to right click on the respective pad, there you can chose between routing to a dedicated output or the GA internal mixer.
I agree, GA is really complicated, and this is probably one of the few times where you need to right click something. Not very user friendly ( but similarly stupid in Battery)


“Binding Blank Pages” is an Acoustic Agent preset (from the “The Kit SE” library). Acoustic Agent kits can be identified by their different looking Edit and Mixer tabs.


Acoustic Agent kits are sampled using the same methods used by professional engineers to record full drum kits for songs. Individual microphones (spot mics) for cymbals other than hi-hats are very rarely used in a studio environment, as they contribute little to the sound, often sounding almost the same as the overhead mics collapsed to mono. For this reason, “The Kit” doesn’t include these mics either.

However, The Kit does allow you to adjust the gain for each Ride Cymbal articulation at the sample level, which should hopefully be everything you need:


That only applies to the Beat Agent (drum machine-style) kits, since each pad is a fully independent sound. For routing, Acoustic Agent kits use the Mixer page exclusively.

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Hi, I thought I’d sent a reply but it isn’t here, just to say thanks so much, it seems obvious now! Duh!