Unable to change colour in Audio track instead of Gray and also under "VariAudio" while double clicking on recorded trac

Hello Team,

I am using Cubase 10 Pro and facing issue while changing audio track colour . Would be appreciated if anyone could guide me with the fix. Below are the problem statement as follows.

  1. Unable to change base colour of the Audio track after creation. By default its showing “Grey” colour where I want to change it as “White” like as Cubase 5
  2. Unable to change colour of the track while double clicking on it for pitch tuning. At that time its still showing “White” base on “White” where its lead to me in trouble.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi and welcome,

  1. In the Inspector, click to the black arrow next to the track name. The color palette appears and you can change the color here. Or hold down the Shift modifier, move your Mose over the track name in the Inspector and scroll up/down to change the color. Or the same procedure, but move your Mose over the grey strip on the right side of the track list (where the track-type icon and the track number is shown).

  2. This is based on the track color. Change the track color the way mentioned above.