Unable to change note lengths in Cubase Elements 9


I am a total beginner experimenting with Elements. I have a Chord track playing through Halion and a Groove track.
When I try and add a bass track using Halion (or anything), the piano roll only allows notes of a fixed length and does not allow input of the same note twice before the previous instance of that note has stopped playing.
Piano roll.PNG
Is it something to do with the Chord Track? Or is it a simple settings issue?

Thanks for any help!


I’m pretty sure, it’s nothing to do with the Chord Track.

Right-click to the KeyEditor Toolbar and enable Length Quantize. Here link the Length Quantize with the Grid. I guess, there is other setup in your Cubase.

Hi Martin

Thanks! That seems to have fixed the problem. No idea how I got in that mess!

Thank you VERY much!

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