Unable to change string number for a Violin note

Hello everyone.
I’d like to specify string numbers for high harmonics on the violin/cello/etc. It seems weird there’s not a faster way to do this. Upon selecting a note I’ve already input, I try to toggle the setting for “String” in the ‘notes and rests’ panel, but cannot toggle it on: it remains grayed-out.

I wonder if this has something to do with me already having specified the note as a natural harmonic - or with me having given it a custom tuning system (‘microtonal’) accidental. This would be a silly reason of course; natural harmonics are by nature not in equal temperament, and there are harmonics located all along the strings to achieve lovely high notes.

Is really the only way around this to create a clunky text attachment (“IV” / “I” etc) and attach it to each note? Thank you.

Some of the natural harmonics don’t map correctly-specifically the partials where you can play the same note four different places on the string. Dorico only correctly maps the first position and the fourth.

For example on a violin first string the natural harmonic found on the C# and G# (both sounding a G#) do not map. Those harmonics also don’t let you select the string.

Not sure if that’s your issue, but Hopefully this oversight will be corrected soon.

Hi - Maybe that is the problem. It seems bizarre to me; I love Dorico in general, but any notation program should easily let you stick a “IV” over a note to be played on the IVth string…

Whether the note (harmonic or not) can actually be played on that string or not is the responsibility of the composer/arranger. It’s not something for the software to decide.

It is very easy to create a Playing Technique (with or without a continuation line) to do this.

Create it in the String category and it will appear in the techniques panel on the right alongside all your other string techniques. Once created, save it as a default and it will be available in all your projects.


I was going to say what Janus says-the little string indicator toggle doesn’t actually display in the score. I have them set up as playing techniques.

Ah, I see. Seems fairly superfluous then…
Thanks for the suggestion!

There are some harmonics that are notated the same but depending on the string will be a different pitch, so the toggle will determine that playback pitch I believe.

In addition if you are using string shift indications (part of the Fingerings feature) then the String property is used for those.

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