Unable to connect to performer?

Trying this for the first time. My remote musician downloaded up to date performer software for iMac. I have latest Connect Pro (trial).
We are both hooked up to Mysteinberg and both logged in performer and connect pro interfaces.

However error message “Sorry connection failed. Make sure both sides use the same up to date version”.

Anyone help?

are you actually sure you are on the latest - what version does the performer AND plugin report (click on the vst connect pro logo on the bottom right to find out )

“Make sure both sides use the same up to date version” is a mandatory message for the case that a connection cannot be established. While it is possible that incompatible versions are the culprit for a failed connection, the other message “somebody tries to connect with an incompatible version” is presented when that end gets a message with an old version protocol. So it may have other causes here, try again to check if it persists.