Unable to convert hitpoints to MIDI in CUBASE 12 PRO

Hi, I am trying to convert some drum hipoints to MIDI using Cubase 12 Pro… (version 12.0.50) It should be easily done using the ‘MIDI Notes’ button within the Hitpoints section of the Inspector Tab, but that MIDI Notes button seems to be missing on this version… (I can see slices / groove / markers / regions / events / warp markers… but no MIDI Notes!) Does anyone know where that Midi Notes button is now located? Or alternatively, is there another way to convert hitpoints to MIDI Notes in cubase 12 now?
Many thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, scroll down to see the MIDI Notes button too.

Hey Martin thanks for the reply - I did try scrolling / clicking etc quite a lot within the inspector window but couldn’t seem to get it to scroll down… BUT your answer gave me confidence that the MIDI Notes was definitely hidden down there somewhere - I have just found a workaround. By right-clicking in the Inspector panel and hiding the Definition button everything moves up to fill the gap and I can now see the Midi Notes button.
Problem solved - thanks very much!


What is your screen resolution, please?

You could also open the sample editor in its own window, thus making the left zone bigger.

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ah of course - yes that works and is a much better way for me to do it. Thanks Johnny

2880 × 1800