Unable to Create new Dolby Atmos Project on Cubase or open existing

Hello team, I have Cubase 12, a few months I created a few projects with Dolby Atmos, for some reason i have formatted my pc and did a clean install of windows 11 and Cubase, not these Dolby project open but produce not sound, even when i got to Dolby authoring and open the assistant still no sound, and creating new project yield the same results.
I have the deleted the Cubase12_64 folder located on %appdata% “AppData/Roaming” to see if that make any changes but still the same

project are on the 48000/24 with 1024 buffer size, Dolby renderer shows otherwise.

I believe that the project needs to be 48K 512 buffer.

Yup 48/512 is the requirement.

Yes I had it that way and then tried on 1024