Unable to download cubase 6

Hi guys first post in here, but just purchased an upgrade from cubase 6 artist to cubase 6 yesterday and I’m having trouble downloading it from steinbergs website. For those who know what I’m talking about its at the shop cubase part of their site. The problem is it list all the steps to make the purchase : shopping cart, address info, payment options, place order, receipt, then download, but when I click the download tab I get the “You currently have no downloads available.” Has anyone else had this problem? Please help! thanks, Marc.

I think Cubase artist 6 is just a limited version of C6 so the licence should unlock the missing features, thus no download is required.

Hello Marc,

exactly what Split wrote. Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 are the same installation. It depends on the license on the dongle which version will start. Just enter the activation code of Cubase 6 in the eLicenser Control Center and after that Cubase 6 will start.



Problem solved!