Unable to drag in files into a montage from file browser


Just noticed in 10.10 (Mac) that I am unable to drag audio files from the file browser tool window into a montage. I can drag files from the Mac Finder though.

No problem here. What is the exact symptom?

You can check out a video here:


Happens intermittently and I can’t seem to find a common theme when it happens. Clicking and dragging results in not being able to move the files into the montage.

Is this just happening to me? I’m also having issues reordering clips in the clip tool bar window and reordering CD tracks in the CD tool bar window. Maybe this is related. Sure is annoying! All of this works absolutely fine in v9.5.

Did you figure this out, I have exact same problem. When I first open Wavelab, it will drag single files, but if I shift click multiple files, it breaks like your video. 9.5 works.

Nope. Still an issue in the latest version. Glad it’s not just me. In fact once dragging breaks, then dragging anything around seems to be an issue. Hoping for a fix in the next version as it’s very frustrating.

Unfortunately, it didn’t look like this was fixed in 10.0.3. PG - were you able to replicate this?

were you able to replicate this?

No, that’s the problem.

Is Wavelab 10 set to ‘run as administrator’? I remember this used to cause issues with drag and drop not working. It was the same for Cubase and Nunedo

Just a quick update (as I really hope this can be fixed!)…if I drag in individual files then I get no problem. It’s only if I try and drag in multiple files. In addition, if I try and drag in multiple files (and fail) then I also now lose the ability to drag in individual files! Quitting and restarting Wavelab brings back the ability to drag in individual files again.

Still have this as well, MacOS 10.15.4, Magic Mouse, but also generic USB mouse. Works perfectly in 9.5.

If anyone comes across this thread looking for solution, I got this from tech support:

Hi David,

It appears this is a known issue on certain systems that we are looking into. I’d keep an eye out for an update to the program in the near future that should address that.

Best regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Steinberg US Support