Unable to export mixdown due to messed sample rate

Hey guys,

cubase 9 pro - my mistake was, that I´m using fireface as well as yamaha thr10. I forgot, that thr10 is able to record only in 44,1 kHz. So first of all I set the attributes of the project to 48 kHz … then I recorded through the thr10 and then throught fireface rest of tracks …

So it plays correctly only in case I start this project open with the thr10 device, then without exiting cubase I just have to switch to rme fireface device which is set manualy tu 44,1 kHz. This worked well until I was finished and I wanted to export mixdown …

When I do what I want, it is exported transposed and that sounds simply crazy.

When I change the project to the proper attributes … I´ll get as a result totaly messed project (tempo is damaged or pitch is again wrong).

Please is there some other way to fix it within cubase directly without damaging sound?

Or is the only way of export to let it play in cubase as usualy and record externaly by other software like audacity? I want to avoid some transposing /pitch curving software methods because it is always affecting the sound.

Thank you very much in advance

Think it is the project pool that is the right spot and convert samplerates so everything in project is the same.
I think SRC there though is destructive - and change files on disk - so some things should be done carefully.

What I would do in a tricky situation like this:
a) do prepare archive - to ensure everything referenced is in project folder
b) backup that folder to another spot on disk, just drag n drop and make a copy of folder.

Then open and start to convert sample rates from project pool. I would start with save as new version probably, to have original project there as well.
Another option could be to use external SRC of files on disk, then open project and see what happends. Since Cubase SRC is probably the worst among daws, I would go for external converter. Hiddeous amount of artifacts in comparison.

Voxengo r8brain is free and do a really good SRC job. Just take notes of referenced files not in right sample rate and close project and do externally.

Cubase is not like Reaper that do realtime resampling of everything - so all in the project need to be the same SR.

Hello, thank you very much, however this is something I already tried using exactly this way you described, unfortunately was not hepfull :confused: … this destroyed the tempo within the project … so result was realy bad

The good Idea I´ll try now is the second option with SRC.

If you already did some stretching of audio I think SR conversion will have a problem since stretching is non-destructive but conversion is not. I think it looses where that start and stop etc.

I think if stretch is used - if you can export individual tracks, with project set to that SR, that share same sample rate maybe. And then import again after conversion to a project with common sample rate.
But as you sensed - it might do things to quality of audio.

If you keep in mind what is non-destructive - follow that lead. Save as new version and try an export.

Just some ideas…

You started and had some results at 48
Just export these and import them in a new 44.1 project and build on from there. SRC and timing in a project is really messy.

Yes, thank you very much I will try that.

Got it … but unexpectly with increased noise level :frowning: … I just recorded it internaly by playing from cubase to the audacity because all other attempts failed … it is ok excepting the noise level using MME (I have to try Windows WASAPI and or Windows DIrect sound as well)