Unable to export to Soundcloud

I am using Cubase Elements 9. When I do an audio mixdown, everything works great except despite the fact I have “Upload to Soundcloud” selected nothing happens. The audio file is generated, but then the process just ends as though I have none selected under post process. Is there something I am missing?

If you do not check the option to upload to Soundcloud, are you able to get the mixdown file at the location you selected? Does it playback properly in iTunes? Are you able to then manually upload it to your Soundcloud account?


I have to ask, you do have a SoundCloud account, don’t you?

Jim B

Cubase performs the same during the Audio Mixdown process whether I have the “Upload to Soundcloud” option selected or not. The mixdown file, whether FLAC or MP3 or WAV or whatever, is created fine, plays back fine, and I can manually do the upload. But nothing pops up at all about Soundcloud, not my default browser or anything. I also tested running Cubase with administrator privileges and everything is the same.

Yes, I have a Soundcloud account, but it never asks for one. The window I see in videos popping up to log into Soundcloud and allow Cubase to connect never comes up for me.

What version and build of Cubase Elements 9 do you have installed? What operating system are you on? What is your default web browser? Try switching it to Firefox or Google Chrome. Do you get a popup browser window on export then? Thank you.

9.0.2 right now. According to the update option that is the latest.

Windows 10


Yes, this fixed the issue. I then changed it back to Chrome and it worked with Chrome as well.

Thank you for the help.

Glad to have you back up and running, Happy Recording!