Unable to figure out REVerence loading custom impulses

The plugin reference manual says “By default, REVerence automatically works in true-stereo mode when the plug-in is inserted on a stereo track and you load a 4-channel impulse response.”

I have Samplicity true stereo wav file IRs–that’s 2 stereo wav files per room simulation, LL+LR and RL+RR. I’m not finding a way to import both stereo wav files into REVerence on a stereo FX track. Using the Import button allows importing one stereo file only, and if you use it again it just replaces the the first file with the second file.

The manual also says “If your true-stereo impulse responses are only available as separate mono files, you can use the Export Audio Mixdown function in Cubase to create REVerence compliant interleaved files.” But it does not explain precisely how to load 2 stereo files as a 4-channel impulse response.

Well, obviously two stereo files is two 2-channel files, not one 4-channel file. So as said already, use the audio-export to convert the two 2 channel files to one 4 channel file, which reverence should then be able to load.

Slow to get back on this as I’ve been away…but I’ve worked through some options, and what I’ve determined may be useful to others:

  1. There is no straight 4-channel export option, and thus no immediate way to turn the 2 stereo IR files into LL/LR/RL/RR 4-channel file REVerence is looking for as “True Stereo.” 4-channel output buss options are LRCS and Quadro and in both cases, assigning them as the output busses of the 2 stereo channels results in an exported 4-channel file with all audio on the first two channels and no audio on the second two channels.

  2. By doing a “Split Channels” export of each of the stereo files in order to have 4 mono files to work with, you can use the Quadro buss and export a usable 4-channel file. The question then becomes, which is the correct way of assigning the four Quadro output channels (Left, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround):

A) LL to Left, RR to Right, LR to Left Surround, and RL to Right Surround.

B) LL to Left, LR to Right, RL to Left Surround, and RR to Right Surround

While A “looks right,” according to the Plug-in Reference Manual (page 43), B is correct for working in a stereo recording, because REVerence reads channels in the given order below (my asterisks):

No. of input channels (followed by) Channel order in REVerence
1 L
2 L/R
3 L/R/C
4 L/R/LS/RS (if inserted on a track with a 4.0 channel configuration)
4 LL/LR/RL/RR (if inserted on a track with a stereo configuration)
6 L/R/C/LFE/LS/RS (LFE is being ignored.)

And if I am reading the manual correctly, REVerence will by default work in true-stereo mode when inserted on a stereo track, when utilizing a “B” arranged 4-channel IR file.

  1. I also exported a stereo file mixdown of the 2 original stereo IR files. Interestingly, this seems to work better with a mono channel when REVerence is on a send. I tested all of this with a vocal track routed to a group channel, switching enabled sends on the mono vocal channel and the stereo group channel and auditioning the the different file versions of the IR.

So, it looks to be a lot of effort processing well over a hundred different verbs in Samplicity this way, but the quality is definitely there, gratis.