Unable to find Pod Farm 2 VST in Cubase 9.5


I’ve recently purchase Cubase 9.5 and have been trying to get the Pod Farm 2.59 VST working on Windows 10, but have not been successful in doing so. I’ve scoured these forums and over on Line 6 but haven’t found out if it’s possible or not.

During my searching I found out that Cubase 9+ doesn’t support 32 bit plug-ins, but Pod Farm has x64 dlls in the VST folder. I’ve verified these are actually 64 bit dlls using Visual Studio tools “dumpbin /headers” command, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t work. When I refresh the VST plug-in manager (with the default Pod Farm path added C:\Program Files (x86)\Line6\POD Farm 2\VST\Line 6) it doesn’t detect any instruments. If I go to the blacklist page it correctly identifies the x86 plugins are invalid, but just seems to ignore the 64 bit dlls. I’ve tried replicating the Pod Farm folder in the x64 Program Files removing the 32 bit dlls but that didn’t work either.

Could someone please let me know if it’s even possible to get Pod Farm v2.59 (for PC, not Mac) working for Cubase 9.5? If I can’t find out wether or not it’s possible soon, I will be refunding this software.


Hi and welcome,

Does Cubase scan the folder, where is the 64bit POD Farm 2 installed?

Hi Martin,

The files are located in:

C/program files/Steinberg/VSTPlugins/Line 6

32 and 64’s (x64) together.

As Maramasa mentioned, the 32 bit versions show up on the blacklist. The 64 bit versions show on the vst menu’s and will load as inserts, however it seems that no audio passes through them.

When I load the stand alone it’s fine, and also fine in Cubase 4.

(I’m also on Cubase 9.5/Windows 10 currently.)

Today, a friend suggested simply uninstalling POD Farm and then reinstalling the POD Farm 2.59 package again and only choosing the 64 bit versions.

You don’t get this option in the installer, as it puts everything in one folder of your choosing.

After removing all the 32 bit dlls and only leaving the x64 ones, the next time I loaded a test project, audio began passing through Pod Farm plugins and working as expected.

Still a bit of a CPU hog (always has been, even in 32 bit OS’s) but I also have yet to optimize my PC for audio stuff.