Unable to get trial version of Cubase Elements 8 to work

Hey guys,

I decided to try the Cubase 8 Elements for the 30-day trial period. But after downloading it there seemed to be a problem with it to work. It requests me to insert the license-code for it to work. And since it is trial it shouldn’t state that.

Computer: Mac OS X 10.10
Product: Cubase LE AI Elements 8

Can anyone help with this problem?
Kind regards,

Have you had another version of Cubase such as AI or LE installed on that machine?

As they use the same installer the it gets complicated and your computer may think you already trialed Elements even though you didn’t…you would need to explain the situation to Steinberg support and ask for a new activation code in this case I think.

If you have never had any Cubase installed then it should work…Maybe just reinstalling will fix it.