Unable to import or open dual mono as a stereo file in WL10 Elements

Tried this for the first time in Wavelab 10 Elements on Mac today, something I’ve done for decades in Peak and DSP Quatro and most recently in Twisted Wave but Wavelab Elements isn’t having it. No mention of dual mono files in the ‘User Manual’ but the topic is addressed in the online help. Following those directions I’ve renamed the files “show audio .L.wav” and “show audio .R.wav” and dropped them on Wavelab but all I get is two separate mono files. I’ve tried the import function with the same result. I’ve tried the 'Open" function with the same result. I’ve tried “show audio _L.wav”, I’ve tried " show audio -L.wav" and every variation has Wavelab create two mono files rather than one stereo file.

What am I doing wrong with Wavelab that is so falling down simple on Mac only editors?

Try “show audio .L.wav” and “show audio .R.wav”
“show audio.L.wav” and “show audio.R.wav”
back step (.) one step
Period (.)
or even try without Period (.)

regards S-EH

Dual Mono files are only supported in WaveLab Pro.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions on this. While I’m used to tiers of feature crippling on multi level software this particular feature being crippled is a surprise.

Can you do this in Elements?
Load 2 mono wav’s into 2 Tracks in a Montage
Render and save to a Stereo wav ?

regards S-EH

Should be possible

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I don’t have Elements … does it support Batch Processing?

If so create a simple batch processor that saves L and R as a stereo interleaved file. Just select the File Format (Format Tab) from the pull downs.

If Elements doesn’t support this, please accept my apologies.