Unable to Install Cubase/Nuendo Libraries in Mojave

I’m going through the process of a clean install of my operating system and am having an issue completely installing Cubase 10.5 and Nuendo 10 in Mojave. The applications themselves install fine, but whenever I get to the content install of either program I get an error with the Steinberg Library Manager that says it “has the wrong version (-1. -1). Failed to establish privileged helper! Please get the latest Steinberg Library Manager and reinstall”.

I am using the latest Library Manager, and it does seem as if there’s other people on the forum having this issue too. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to solve it - the only response from Steinberg seems to be that they can’t recreate it.

Has anyone figured out a workaround? As it stands, I can’t actually fully install either program.

Ok, I figured out a workaround. You need to go to the Steinberg Library Manager page and download 3.0.23 (the older version). Uninstall/delete 3.0.25 (the version which is broken) and install 3.0.23. Open it and have it open while you install.

If you’re installing a VST plugin like HALion 6, you may need need to customise the install and make sure it doesn’t overwrite the Library Manager with the one it has embedded in its installer. Then when it comes time to install its content it will be using the older, working Library Manager.

If you’re installing the Cubase 10.5.11 from scratch (the one released AFTER the release of the latest Library Manager), you can’t customise the installer and it will overwrite the working Library Manager with the broken one. I’m not sure how to get around this other than install Cubase 10.5 and its content from an older installer that includes the older Library Manager, then update it.

For me, because I have Nuendo 10 and this hasn’t been updated since the release of the broken Library Manager, I was able to install all its content with 3.0.23 installed without Nuendo overwriting it with 3.0.25.

Hope this helps someone else who may have this issue.

Yes - same for me.

Only Library Manager 3.0.23 works when installing new libraries.

I don’t know a workaround for the 10.5.11 update for Mojave - it still won’t install for me due to the privileged thing.

Sorry to hear that. I’m away from my machine at the moment but but is the full legacy installer for 10.5 (the very first release) still available in the Steinberg Installer or can you only download 10.5.11 now? I’m assuming you just need to get your hands on a build that doesn’t include that broken library manager.

Hi there,
Can you help me with my case. when iam installing new update 10.5.12 , it always rewrites Library Manager 3.0.23 on newest version
However i instal Library Manager 3.0.23 it always updated to Library Manager 3.0.25 when iam updating cubase 10.5.12. Sorry im not an IT specialist. can you give me advice what i have to change … to keep Library Manager 3.0.23? Can you describe it what have to do?

I can’t work out a solution - I’ve tried having both versions of the library installed and it still fails.

I just keep getting told by Steinberg to update to the latest library manager … and the circle continues.


I was able to install the content via an old installer of Nuendo I had (which I also own). I can’t guarantee this will work, but try these steps:

  1. Go to https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=14935&L=1 and download the very first full Cubase 10.5 installer from November 13, 2019. It’s down the page a little. Download the one that says FULL INSTALLER. This should theoretically include the 3.0.23 Library Manager because the broken one (3.0.25) wasn’t released till this year.

  2. Uninstall Library Manager 3.0.25 (if you’re on Mac, drag it out of your Applications and into the trash - you can’t just install the older one on top of it). Then install the 3.0.23 Library Manager instead.

  3. I don’t know if this step is necessary but someone mentioned it in another thread so I did anyway: open the 3.0.23 Library Manager and have it open when you’re installing Cubase 10.5 (in the next step).

  4. Install Cubase 10.5 with all its content using the legacy installer you downloaded in step 1. Hopefully (fingers crossed) it will install all content using the older Library Manager.

  5. Update Cubase to 10.5.11 using the smaller update file available in the Steinberg Downloader or on that first link I posted.

Good luck, and let me know how you go!

thank s a lot MarkRM for your advice. It works fine . Im going dive into new Features. Have nice day.

No worries, really glad it worked!

I had the same annoying problem. Thank u so much MarkRM, I did install my libraries the way u described and it worked!
Steinberg should fix this issue soon, it´s frustrating to pay lot of money and to spend hours trying to solve these things.
THX Mate!

No problem at all, happy it worked for you!