Unable To Instantiate Plug In...Advice?

Installed the Avenger Instrument on my Mac, with Cubase 10.5.12, Mac System 10.14.6

Opened Pro Tools, works fine.

Opened Cubase, is not in the list of choices when creating a new instrument.

Went to VST Plug In manager, and it is showing up fine and in the right path as pictured here:


So Cubase sees it, is not on the blacklist, but it cannot be chosen as a plug in.

I’m still relatively new at Cubase so am not sure where to go from here. Have restarted, have used Plug in manager to rescan, no luck;

Any advice appreciated.


Obviously it is not included in your collection. So add it to your collection or use the standard collection.

No idea how to manually add it to my collection have not ever had to do that with any other virtual instruments after installing Could you be more specific or could someone else?

Strange, from your screenshot it Looks like someone has done it already. You probably never had to do it because you always used the default collection before.
In the window from your screenshot Click on the top Right arrow and look if in the menu you´ve got a “Default” if yes - select it, and check for „plugin collections" in the manual.

Hey thanks so much, I had forgotten I had made my own custom plug in list, I just added it and works fine. Cubase is so deep, I’m just still learning day by day. Much appreciated!