unable to login to id.steinberg.net but shop works fine

So I successfully able to login to https://new.steinberg.net/ and buy the 10.5 upgrade from 10, but I can’t login to https://id.steinberg.net/ as it keeps telling me my email is not recognised…

yes, I used the same email/password creds I used to login to the shop - I know they’ve not changed as my keychain hasn’t changed since I purchased 10 when both domains were (seemingly) linked.

Whats going on anyone?

If I try now I get this message “Unknown Error. Please contact your Administrator”… who is that??

it is not the same user account

I also have problems with Steinberg id. I ask for a reset password but the code I get in the email is not accepted. Have tried a hundred times so now I have given up. Surely there must be something wrong with the MySteinberg website?

I would try posting in the presales part of the forum, it is monitored by people that should be able to help you.

The login for the store and the login for my steinberg were not linked previously.

I was just able to login via https://www.steinberg.net/en/mysteinberg.html, so I suggest you use that url to go to the website.

This drives me nuts! I have to reset my password every time because my password manager sees the same domain name and expects them to be the same password and I just get mega confused. Bad UX!