Unable to make an online shop support ticket


I’m trying to purchase my update from N11 to N12

I have tried now 7 or 8 times with my credit card, International, with no restrictions and went through bank and card verification processes well… but always the outcome is FAIL, please try again.

I already used this card to crossgrade from C11 to N11 last year, and everything went smooth,
so I need help to resolve the matter before the 20% offer is through. The support assist for the online shop asks me for an order number BUT THE ORDER IN NOT GENERATED so how am I supposed to contact someone.
Please, do not move this topic to another, solved by paypal or something. I do not use Paypal, My card worked in steinberg several times, and the problem seems to be the online shop, wich I cannot reach. Im looking for some way to contact some help and there is NO way to enter a support ticket at the online shop without an order number… even with several previous purchases. Entering my customer number and all
Thanks please HELP!!

You can enter “none” or “ninguno” in the order number field.

Its a little frustrating not to be able to just pay it and get it like other times, and then not being able to ask for help, thanks for reading Steve, I did enter NONE before and I think I might be missing something as I see the message it gives me when trying to generate de support ticket is that the verification is incorrect… I enter captcha after captcha… and nothing changes

Also cannot pay online. I have submitted credit card information 3 times from 2 different browsers, win and chrome. After filling out cc info and hitting submit it goes to a blank page and stops. Any ideas?

I was able to pay via PayPal. Credit Card payment would not submit.

this is so bad for me, I dont have nor can go for paypal in a while… It is not a solution… specialy considering steinberg states they accept credit card… it sounds as such a dumb problem…

Another day, another Card. Same results.
Please help??

I tried to create a ticket in their system to test this, and I was able to create a ticket, and, I received an email confirmation. I did not have a customer number or order number, and simply filled in the fields with other data, like the words none.

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Another day
Home of the NO dialogue about this?
no problem with Nuendo, I love it, and want it.
I just need someone from steinberg online shop to try to help me

I do not know why they dont take my ticket then… see those captures. maybe mean the captcha is not working fine?

You screen captures don’t show all you’re seeing. I was able to solve the captcha.

Its true, just took the upper part. ok I can make a complete one of the ticket before sending it, and then the results so maybe we see where Im getting it wrong

second one has the captcha checked after


Like I said,

Are you sure you want your email address and name available to the Internet? Edit your images, or delete them.

there. Was Just trying to show how this went out as I really dont understand the problem…

Just a comment: Bought from Sweetwater (third party vendor), who had some trouble at first to get me my license update. But, they are amazing, and got it done this morning.

Already installing Nuendo 12 and additional content, and already was able to activate the license as per Sweetwaters’ instructions page. They were very helpful.

I hope everyone else is able to get through the Steinberg direct vendor soon!

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Hello all,

first of all, please accept my apologies about this issue. And also thank you for reporting it!

We have contacted Asknet about this and they were able to find the root of the problem and have confirmed that it should be fixed by now. I hope that’s the case and you are able to finish your purchase.

If not, please let me know!

All the best,


Hello Luis. Thanks for your help.
I don’t know if you meant the support ticket generation, or the Credit card payment was fixed.
I saw your message early this morning and felt good, worked all day thinking I was going to finally get the Update after… and I have to say… you made my day better… but then I went online, tried the purchase… and it failed again… went to the “contact us” link of the Asknet shop support… and AGAIN it failed to generate a ticket :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
I really dont know where else to turn… Card is the same I used to pay my crossgrade from C11 to N11 a couple of month ago… good through 2026… and no problems with it… it goes through all bank verifications… then the support really I dont underdstand… I enter everything and go through the captcha … and as Dom Sigalas would say in the videos he mades to promote cubase…BOOM Verification failed… mmmm So, Im sorry, believe me this is the last thing I would like to be doing… Its frustrating