Unable to make gap around centered annotation on line

I’m trying to make a line marking the duration of a passage (in this case a half note).
However, I am unable the half-note annotation appears over the line and I cannot get the line to leave a gap before the annotation.

See image:

The vertical position setting seem to have no effect :

The gap settings in the annotation editor seem to have no effect:

Here’s the project:
Santa Fe only active flows.dorico (925.2 KB)

This question was originally asked in the FB group: Michael Seltenreich

It looks to me that the gaps appear only when you choose Centered in Vertical position for the Annotation.
When using an Annotation from the musical symbol category (at least in this case with the half note) it seems not posible to change its vertical position.
You could however use text insted of music symbol (Category of the Annotation) select bravura als font style and then copy and paste the character from Individual notes · Standard Music Font Layout
That should work.

Edit, that file should be a gif insted of a jpg,
I’ve uploaded gif files before in this forum but just now it does not work