Unable to monior audio


First time post on here so please be gentle. Have searched for other similar posts and found nothing the same as mine.

I’m using Cubase Elements 7.0.6 64 Bit on Windows 7 64 Bit, with a USB M-Audio M-Track 2 channel interface. I’m trying to monitor from headphones plugged in to the M-Audio. I’ve configured it correctly with ASIO drivers and VST Connections (buses) as per the Steinberg tutorials on YouTube, all ASIO I/O’s are active and Direct Monitoring is ticked, but I can’t monitor what I’m playing.

I see the levels register on the channel, in the mixer (the “master” channel shows no signal when monitoring) and on the Transport but no sound. I can record Audio, I see a waveform, and when I unselect the Monitoring icon on the track and play what I’ve recorded I get playback, I just can’t hear it whilst I’m actually recording.

Any ideas guys?



As you’ve (wisely) selected direct monitoring, Cubase leaves it up to the interface to provide it.
There’s a knob labelled MONITOR MIX on the Mtrack that should do this.

If you turn it all the way to DIRECT you should hear only the input…turned fully to USB you will only hear the DAW.

Any use??


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah it’s already on USB, Direct gives me the “dry” guitar straight through the interface, and USB should give me the “wet” but it sadly doesn’t.

I wouldn’t rule out something equally as obvious though. That said I’m not a total noob to this stuff and I have it working fine with Reaper using several VST’s like Amplitube and the like on same PC, also GarageBand on my Mac, both with the interface set exactly as is so I don’t think it’s the interface.

Any other thoughts guys?

Direct gives me the “dry” guitar straight through the interface

And that’s why they call it DIRECT. :smiley:

and USB should give me the “wet”

Not anything I would call “wet”…it gives the audio playing back from the DAW. (& only playing back - not monitored live because you have direct monitoring switched on)

I could hazard a guess that the critical bit of info we’re missing here is that you’re trying to hear the guitar through an amp sim plugin??
If yes then you must turn off direct monitoring in Cubase and get your interface latency adjusted as low as possible. Then turn the knob fully to USB.

Yeah by wet I meant processed by Amplitube or PodFarm or something. Ok, I’ll try it out tomorrow, cheers :slight_smile: