Unable to move the layers in the standalone version

I’ve reported this before and a reinstall of SLP7 was then a temporary solution.
But the problem came back and I feel it’s some kind of bug. At least it is very annoying.

In the standalone version it has become impossible to move the layers up or down in the Layers list to the right. But if I start the ARA version in Cubase Pro 11 - where there is no such problem - it becomes possible again in the standalone program.
So as long as I have Cubase with SLP7 as an ARA2 extension AND the standalone version open at the same time it is possible to move the layers in the standalone version.
If I remove the ARA extension in Cubase the ability to move the layers ceases in the standalone version.
Very odd, very annoying. Why is it like this?

I’m on iMac Retina 5K 27" 2019 40 GB, MacOS 10.15.7

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Just had this happen to me as well. Mac OS 10.15.7.

I’m still on my trial and I’ve already got a list of three workflow-destroying interface bugs that are going to keep me from purchasing this wonderful tool. It’s a real shame.

When you see people in other forums talking about how they tried SL but went elsewhere because the software was “clunky,” I suspect these are the sorts of things they’re referring to. Considering how simple the UI is, a small amount of QA would go a long way.

Just happened again. I’ve PM’d the project to Robin.

I’ve been popping in periodically over the last few weeks hoping for acknowledgement of the many bugs I’ve reported. This place is just thread after thread of bug reports and feature requests that are completely ignored. Absolutely abysmal way to treat customers.

Is there a place other than these forums that we’re supposed to go for support?

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