Unable to open a Cubase file

I have been a user for over 20 years and have never encountered this problem so hopefully I can find an answer. I created a file in Cubase 2.0(yes I still use this even though I own Cubase 6) but one day the power went out while I was in the file so quite obvious my system went down but when I could use it again this file will not open and I get the error message that this project was created with Version 1.x( was thinking of firing up my old Atari lol and giving it a go) and this can’t be as I know this file was created with this version. Wonder if anyone else has had this, just gonna be a bit of work to recreate the file.


i don’t know if this option was in Cubase 2.0

but in the Project folder you can find a file that called the same of your project name with different format
it’s like

Salman .cpr

you will find a file “Salman .bak”

just rename the .bak file
change it from Salman .bak > Salman .cpr

and try running the file
you may lost some work that you did in the losted file …
but you should try this one …

also keep your hand on the Ctrl+S next times :slight_smile: it’s healthy :smiley: