Unable to open my 10.5 CPR projects

So far I’ve been unable to open non-cubase11 cpr files.
System crashes whilst loading up VST’s so suspect that their might be a stricter check on this which causes the issue.
Will await guidance on this issue.

Not here (yet, but I come from 10.0), does the project still load in 10.5?

It would be helpful to know your OS , ram , graphics , soundcard , plugins … I have no issues opening 10.5.20 projects , they open perfectly

Windows 10
3.50 gigahertz Intel Core i5-4690K
H81-GAMER Motherboard
3x SSD 1T
Graphics GeForce GTX650

Shitload of Waves and Arturia plugins too much others to mention

I have both Cubase 10.5 and C11 on machine.
Tried opening other CPR files and system crashes on those as well.
Where do I send the DMP files to?

I also have this problem with Cubase 11. But it doesn’t just fail to open 10.5 files, it won’t even open the project I started last night on Cubase 11. Just hangs, no crash-dump, exactly the same as when I try to open 10.5 projects. I’ve tried adding the various plugins one by one to a test project, but the test project opens where the one I worked on last night doesn’t.

The plugs I used in the new project were some UAD ones (SSL E Channel, Dim D, Sonnox EQ), a few SoundToys (EchoBoy and PrimalTap), and Omnisphere.

None of the projects load in Cubase 10.5 either, so I can’t go back.

Windows 10
Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4 @ 2.2GHz - 20 Core
Nvidea GeForce GTX 1650 Super
UAD Quad and Octo

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Did some process of elimination technques .
Started with 10.5 CPR with project containing VST, AUDIO and MIDI tracks.
Loaded in C11 failed.
Removed MIDI tracks
Loaded in C11 failed.
Removed VST’s
Loaded in C11 failed.
Removed audio tracks
Loaded in C11 succeeded.

Load full 10.5 CPR project and removed audio
Loaded in C11 failed.
Removed the two group channels I had
Loaded in C11 succeded

SO my conclusion is that it’s the audio tracks that causes the crash.
MIDI only track projects seem to be OK

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