Unable to open N4 project with WMV, Import WMV or AVI Frapps

We just recently upgraded to Nuendo 5 including purchasing additional full licenses for 3 in-house staff.

We are now unable to open any old projects for post production using WMV format, or import any WMVs or AVI’s captured with Frapps.

Our work around right now is NOT to use Nuendo 5 and use Nuendo 4 - however this leaves one of our sound designers without any way to work.

When is a fix for WMV and broken video formats and importing expected to be released?



Nuendo 5 does not support .wmv and/or most of the .avi files.
The new video engine is based on Quicktime.
In theory, any video that can be played back by QT should work in Nuendo, but it is advised to stick with the “usual” formats.
Please have a look in the knowledge base:


Perhaps then the WMV format and other should be taken out of the import file dialog box as it’s quite misleading.

Thankyou for the response - very helpful.

that’s a fair comment.