Unable to pan mono channels on Cubase IC Pro

I am able to do it on stereo channels but not on the mono channels.

Unable to do it on either an ipad2 and an iphone 6 plus

Two months ago was fine but then it just stopped working.

It doesn’t allow me to access the panning area. It is just just black with no indicator whatsoever.

Already checked the manual, youtube, user forums and don’t seem to find anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Plus one! This is a legit issue, they seem to have broken this on last app update. I have asked Greg Ondo about it, but so far no response. It’s a fairly important feature to me.

Well, you guys are right, the feature does not exist, but do you really need it? I need the app to run my home studio so it’s valuable to me, but this feature I don’t see as being important. Are you guys mixing on your iPad or something? I mix on my desktop DAW screen and only use the iphone and the ipad to remotely control recording sessions. What am I missing?

same issue here not able to pan mono channels anymore :blush:

just bumping this as I’m having the same problem with IC pro.

stereo channels are fine - mono channels have no panner displayed

windows/ipad cubase 10.0.10

another bump for this - any SB employees want to comment.

I’ve had a mysteinberg ticket open for a month but SB support haven’t had the courtesy to reply !

another bump

Please SB, respond to this. Was a feature, now broken, very helpful when recording stacks of vocals remotely.(As in a booth) not for mixing, just for ease of tracking and hearing other parts better…

No update to IC pro in over a year…can we expect one?


I had a reply from SB after nearly 3 months …

Georges from support eventually said

“I have been made aware that is issue was reported back in 2015.
I really doubt that it will be addressed”

great support and service from steinberg !