Unable to perform sequential functions in the "direct offline processing"

Don’t know if there’s a workaround.

Let’s say I apply gain +2dB. Then I want to add 2dB more. I can’t do it in this window anymore. Just clicking “apply” again is ignored. I have to close the whole window and reopen it.

Is it supposed to be that way?

Which Cubase? Ha?

Tag your posts please…

v. 10.0.6



No. Apply the amount you need.

I try. Cubase simply does nothing if I click it again…

instead of having -2.00 dB and pressing apply twice, put -4.00 dB into the Gain field.

Yes. But I don’t know if I need 4. I try 2 and if it doesn’t work I’d like to add 2 more.

Really obvious.

it still stands
apply 4dB since 2+2 are close to 4

But I already applied 2. I need to undo 2 then reopen the window (because it won’t let me do sequential gains) and reapply 4. I don’t know I need 2 until I apply it twice. Instead of easy double gain I have to close window/reopen it (dig through menu tree) and reapply it.

It’s a really really dumb solution (not your fault, just the way this function implemented).

I lke to fintune my edits and do incremental steps. It takes a lot of clicking and window opening.

then do a preset, you can easily apply presets twice
there is no need to close the window
and btw F7 closes and opens the window

Yes, but why not allow to perform a function twice? Is a kitten somewhere going to die if I click it twice in a row?

This is just so dumb.

There is an option “auto apply” in that dialogue. Activate it and do your step by step adjustment while keeping the dialog open.
Also: Any offline process does not really change the original audio file. If you change the gain from 2dB to 4dB it will not be a gain of 6dB. It first undoes your 2dB gain and then applies the 4dB gain.