Unable to place rests and notes in proper place

I’m a new user of Dorico Pro 3.5. I’ve uploaded a jpg of the measure in question. I’m trying to place two 1/16 note rests in the middle of beat 2, treble clef, between the two stem-up 1/16 notes (voice 2). I’m also trying to add a final 1/8 note to the measure in voice 2 while keeping the 1/8 rest that is already there. Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi Bruce - when you select the first 16th note in the up-stem voice in beat 2, check whether in the Properties panel at the bottom there’s an activated property called “Ends voice”. If it’s activated, deactivate it - rests should appear between that note and the next note in the voice. If not, select the 16th note at the end of beat 2 and deactivate the property “Starts voice”.

As for showing an eighth note rest in one voice but notes in the other, if you input the eighth notes into the correct voice, rests should appear automatically in the other (as there are 2 voices active in this bar). There are also notation options relating to voices and rests, including when rests are shown for voices and whether they’re consolidated when they’re of the same duration and at the same position.

Here’s some information about inputting notes into specific voices. Keep an eye on the caret indicator during note input, and outside of note input you can check the status bar to see what voice a selected note is in.

Following on from Lillie’s point about the starts voice/ends voice properties: if it’s a mystery that these are currently set, the project probably started as MusicXML.

It’s too late now for this project, but for the future, take a look at Preferences > MusicXML Import. By default a lot of options in there are ticked, which is great if you want Dorico to accurately represent the source material. For subsequent editing/arranging/tweaking, it often makes more sense to untick most of those options.

Thank you both for the quick response. It was that the “Ends voice” property was activated.