Unable to play or use imported audiofile

Link to a screen recording of my iPad (6th gen) included, of when the bug happens in action:

Hi. I bought this app so that I would be able to gather all the different parts of a music project in one place, but this bug (crashing the app when importing an audiofile into a certain project) makes it impossible… Please fix it :slight_smile:

Best regards

EDIT: and now I cannot even attach a link to the screen recording file in my Dropbox?! is this a joke?

Hi @anderssonjoh,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the forum.
We are sorry to read that you seem to have issues with Cubasis.

Please create a short clip which visualizes the problem, and share the link (e.g. YouTube or similar) with us.


How? The forum doesn’t let me write a reply with a link in it!

Hi @anderssonjoh,

Thanks for your message.

There shouldn’t be a problem to insert a link in a message, or am I wrong?
If the problem persists, please send me a private message instead.


Tried again on Mac instead of on iPad and the problem persists. A box that says “Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.” pops up, and the message cannot therefor be sent. And I cannot find a place to send a private message to you either, I’m afraid. Where do i do this? In your profile page there isn’t any button for this.