Unable to play this type of file

My .wav file from Cubase Artist 11 fails to play when transferred to my Samsung Android cellphone. Error Message: “Sorry unable to play this type of file.” Strange. I have never encountered such a message before now. What should I do to correct the problem? Help!

What sort of .wav are you exporting from Cubase? It also depends on what player you’re using in your phone. VLC for example will play pretty much anything.

If you could show us your export dialogue settings, it’ll be easier to see what’s going on…



Hello, Toaster1974. Whenever exporting I never change the file in default, .wav. I have selected some of the other files to export yet my phone presents the same error message. This confuses me because the phone plays other .wav files.

Dialogue Export Settings: The box next to "Keep Dialog Open, is unchecked.

What is the bit depth of your exported wav file?

Not a lot of devices can play 32 bit wav files.
16 bit or 24 bit should be fine.

Hello, misohoza. The bit depth in export is, 24.